How do free spins work in online casinos?

What are free spins and how do they work? In this article we will take a closer look at this concept in two contexts: as a bonus on slot machines and as an advantage in the online casino itself. You will find out what you need to do to play slots with absolutely no risk to win!

What are the free spins actually? definition

First, let’s define the term. The term “free spin” comes from the English “free spin”. It is clear that these are slot machines. That is, free spins are spins of the reels in which the player’s credit is not deducted from the game balance. This is a very advantageous point because you get a profit, but at the same time you do not lose money from the player account. In general, free spins as a bonus can be divided into two types:

  • Free spins that the casino awards as a bonus for certain promotions. Usually, such free spins are awarded for a specific slot machine and under certain conditions.
  • Beginners are often looking for no deposit free spins with a withdrawal. But these days such free spins are extremely rare. As a rule, the winnings must be wagered for a free spins round.

How free spins work in online slot machines

free spins

Slot machines with free spins are quite common. Actually almost every slot machine has a bonus round with free spins. The peculiarity of free spins on slot machines is that their round must be activated. To do this you usually need to collect a certain number of symbols on the reels. After the correct number of these special symbols are collected on the screen in front of the player, the corresponding message will appear on the screen.

The free spins round can be simple or with additional symbols. In the first case, no chips will be deducted from your account and that’s it. Or each winning amount is multiplied by a certain coefficient. A common option is to turn one of the regular symbols into a wild. This significantly increases the number of possible winning combinations. Sometimes you also have the opportunity to “start” free games again during this round.

On some slots, the free spins round will restart if you repeatedly catch symbols that activate the free spins. But most of the time the number of free spins is reduced the second time. For example, you initially receive 10 free spins, and reactivating the round already brings 5. The free spins are triggered automatically, and the bet in this round remains the same as when this bonus was triggered. The player can simply watch what is happening on the screen and receive the prizes won.

How do you get free spins at an online casino?

free spins

As already mentioned, free spins are often a gift to new players, part of the welcome bonus. So you can get them for registering on the site as a no deposit bonus at the casino or for your first or subsequent deposits.

Sometimes you can also get them for completing certain game tasks, for participating in the gambling operator’s loyalty program, or as part of time-limited promotions. In all forms, free spins are aimed at attracting new players or promoting the interest of already registered users.

Free spins without a deposit are rarely awarded. And if so, then with specified restrictions. Therefore, it is worth carefully considering the conditions for granting them. One of the main factors affecting the profitability of free spins is the stake. When you are credited with free spins for a particular slot machine, you will usually have to set a wager for the bonus.

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