How to Play Blackjack at an Online Casino?


Blackjack is one of the most popular games of chance alongside roulette, poker and slot machines. In this article we will look at the basic rules of blackjack, without which you cannot understand the game and win.

Nowadays, blackjack can be found in almost every online casino. It is mostly offered in two formats: in the live casino section with live dealers or at the numerous slot machines from the gaming software providers. The general blackjack rules are the same everywhere, but some features differ depending on the type of game. In virtual blackjack, the player plays against the casino, and all results are generated by a program that works according to a predetermined algorithm. But that doesn’t mean that the casino has full control over the process and always wins. Everything is fair if it is a licensed website that is regulated by special organizations.

Blackjack rules – how to learn how to play the game online


Before you start gambling, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the rules. This will help you understand and analyze the game and achieve the main goal – to make money with its help. Everything that happens in front of the player’s eyes at the virtual table is generated by software. To control the bets, you need to use the on-screen buttons and customize the session to your needs.

Typically, the screen in the game is divided into three areas:

  1. A table for the location of the cards (for the dealer’s hand and an area for the player’s hand).
  2. An information table listing the odds of winning.
  3. A control panel with the buttons for the game.

When the cards are dealt, the player must place his bet. The special feature is that you can play more than one hand. At the same time, it is possible to set different sets for each combination of cards. Next, we press the button that begins the distribution of cards.

The main goal of playing blackjack is to get a better result than the dealer, and at the same time not get the combination whose value exceeds 21 points. Depending on the type of card entertainment, in some types of Blackjack the dealer wins if the result is the same (same score for the user and dealer). Sometimes a draw is announced and the cards are dealt again. If blackjack is announced immediately after the cards are dealt in a combination of 21 points, the player wins regardless of the dealer’s result.

A blackjack is a combination with a card value equal to 21 points. This can be a set of Ace and Queen/King/Ten. If the hand is a combination with a value of less than 21 points, it is allowed to make a follow-up. If there is a combination in the hand with a value of less than 21 points, it is allowed to make an extra. For this purpose there is a special button on the playing field – usually Hit.

The user has the right to decide for himself how many cards he should receive. He can do this until the sum of their values does not exceed 21. If you decide to stop dealing cards, press the stand. Then the opponents’ hands are compared and the result is announced. Or cards are dealt for the next hand if there is more than one hand.

Card values and possible combinations


In the most important game types, the cards have similar values:

  • Cards with numerical values, from 2 to 10, have corresponding values.
  • Ace can have a face value of 1 or 11.
  • Jack, Queen and King each give the player 10 points.

A very important point in this game are the combinations. When you start playing, you should find out if all the combinations are there so that you can decide the right strategy later. If two identical cards fall out (66, AA, KK) – this is a split. This is an opportunity to split up and play two different hands now. The stake for each new leaf remains the same as for the mother leaf.

Insurance is another interesting option. It is not always available and appears when the dealer has an ace. Then the player can get insurance by placing half the stake. This will protect you against a big loss if the dealer gets a blackjack combination.

The main types of blackjack

By far the most common form of the game is American Blackjack. When a hand is dealt, the dealer reveals one of his cards. If the dealer receives an ace, it is automatically checked whether the dealer has 21 points. If he gets an ace, the round ends and the casino wins. If this is not the case, the round continues in the usual manner.

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